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Spectrum Brand Solutions is a creative communications company that helps businesses grow their brands in the market to reach their audience and spark conversations. We create functional + aesthetic visuals and marketing tools to shed a new light on their products & events. From brand identities, to print promotional materials, video productions, event branding and websites.

Powered by our collective experience of over 25+ years, we help our clients identify their message, their audience and tell their unique stories through crafted visuals. Our impact driven approach towards each project, empowers our clients move steady towards their desired goals with an all-side strong solution.
Our driven team of professionals coupled with business insights and best practices build packages tailored for guaranteed Impact for each media.


How do you want to reach your customers?
in order to make the variety of services we provide easy to grasp we have categorized out services by media.
click on each icon to see description of our services under each media.

Corporate Identity Design Personal Branding Logo Design Brand Guideline Label Design Car Branding Design Stationary Design

Lauch or Revamp Your Brand
Are You starting a company with a servicie that you want regognized and understood beyond your compatitors?
or are you a company that has been around for a while and would like to revamp your identity to engage your customers?
wherever your brand is in the spectrum, you're in safe hands
Our dedicated creative team will co-craft your brand idntity with clear brand message, that expresses brand values, scalable for future designs (with a brand guideline) and most of all appelaing to the target audience with you.
From personal brands, start ups to corporate branding from the logo to the whole corporate identity.

Responsive Web Design Web Hosting Visual Design Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing UI/UX Design

Dive & Dominate The Digital Market
Times are changing, we are getting news,products and etc from the web, social-media and cell phones
Do you have a website? Can someone google and find your brand?
How do you engage with your customers over social media,their phones?
oh, you have a website and are ready to launch?
our web design services are flexible to seamlessly integrate with where your brand is right this moment.
We Build Responsive (tailored experience for computers and mobile devices), We build visual layouts for websites.
if your website is already built ready to go we provide reliable hosting services with support we help engage with your audience through social media marketing. For us the web is a marketing field and our products a marketing tool with meassurable impact
(yes, you get a report to evaluate results )

Printing Services Poster Design Billboard Design Packaging Design T-shirt Design & Other Print Designs + Printing Services

Your brand message designed & printed.
How does your corporate profile look?
Does it express all your products, values ?
How about your annual report, or your billboard, or the packaging of your products?
are you tired of designs from print shops?
well, spectrum is at your service.
We design + print publications such as corporate profiles, annual reports, magazines, folders...etc
We also design + print promotional materials such as brochures, advertisements like billboards, posters, banners, t-shirts...
& for your products, we design creative packaging designs or gift bags that your customers will keep even after the holiday

Video Production Motion Graphics Design Teaser Video TV Commercials Openers/Intro Lower Thirds Video Menus

Engage Customers Through Moving Pictures
Video has been with us from the days of TV commercials, to today's snaps on social media, your brand is a moving lively entity, so why not express it through moving pictures? Invite people to your next event? Give sneak preview of your new app…
We view each video as an opportunity for our clients to stand out and connect with their audience visually and on an emotional level at 23 frame rates per second.
Communicating to a world that has become largely digital, 3D animation and motion graphics can be an option to engage with your target audience. Here at Spectrum Brand Solution we offer these services from concept-to-launch for short 3d illustrations, videos, web content and other platforms.
Effective video Engages with the audience and drives action. your brand message can too.

Event Organization Event Branding Product Activation Event Promotion

Make Your Product/Event Memorable
Planning to have an event?
Are you introducing a new product to the market?
Are you n event organizer your self?
or you just want make sure people know about your event?
We provide event organization services, or if you already booked an organizer or are you yourself provide event organization services we design+ deliver all event branding assets form sponsorship proposals to flyres to banners, tickets...etc
we provide event promotion services to help you creat a buzz about your event over the web and social media.

Our Web Design portfolio

We craft + deliver digital experiences that express the our client’s brand message in a way that resonates with the target market over the web.
Explore some of our web design projects

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