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Leza Radio Show

Flavor in the infotainment

Leza Radio Show is a renowned radio show in Ethiopia with lots of raving fans for its clever yet authentic blend of the entertainment industry.

it was an honor and pleasure working with the host and creator of the show to revamp the logo design to create a logo mark that communicates
the values of the show especially with the 8th Leza listener's choice award around the corner

The Show

Leza radio show is a renowned radio show on Sheger FM102.1, “leza” the word in Amharic means that unique flavor that is received by the senses, the show is known for impacting society through music through its thought provoking perspectives of Entertainment news, Both the Film and Music Industry, in a world obsessed with stats and trends, Leza stayed true to its values by analyzing music to the level of feel, interviews that peek into the artist’s mind-in search of that flavor that they wanted to share with the audience, their unique story that was not told to the main stream.

Furthermore, it is the first show to allow listeners vote for their favorite artists and artworks in Ethiopia. The audience of the show is broad because of the variety of the programs such as “college time” where issues concerning the young generation such as adjusting to campus life, or going out in the real world get discussed, the Tuesday shows that blends good music with surprise guests and entertainment news.

Leza always brings something new to the table with each Episode and each yearly award, this year we joined them on a project to design a logo revamp.

The Logo Concept

Leza is an Amharic radio show that brings together news about the Entertainment Industry i.e. Film & Music Industry so we brought the key concepts together like

The Logo

The Edge

The unique flavor is felt in between scenes, between music notes and leza brings those things to the audience in amharic and we wanted to push the limit and add the message in to the logo.

Client:Birhanu Digafe Promotion

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