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Zeritu Personal Brand Design

A Soulful signature

Zeritu Kebede (ዘሪቱ ከበደ) also known as Zeritu is a renowned Ethiopian singer, songwriter, actress, film producer and screenwriter. The task to design a personal brand for her meant to encapsulate the multi-faceted personality in to a mark that which led to identifying the thread that connects her professions and great body of work so we created what we call “the unifying story” one paragraph that combines concepts which are terms that stand out from our research about Zeritu which goes like:

Zeritu is a renowned artist and activist that is known for her authentic taste & preference of projects, unique perspective expressed through the unique stories in her music and style, her willingness to stand out for what she believes has made the audience reconsider the status quo about love, womanhood, and the environment.

The bold concepts became the pillars to the concepts explored in the process


The Project

Designing a personal branding for the Ethiopian singer Zeritu Kebede

The Concept

The logo concept is a combination of the Amharic letters to symbolize the Zeritu’s progressive style and work that keeps on getting reinvented yet stays authentic and more refined each time around Also, the idea that looking from the professions to the personality: Zeritu is where they all meet in a soulful way that the millions of her fans attest to.

And a brush stroke style to symbolize the soul that goes into each piece of work she releases the realness that the stories she portrays whether it be through her songs, poetry and on  the film screen

The Logo

The Colors

Considering that Zeritu is an artist and there are going to be many contexts the logo will appear it was designed for with multiple color combinations with that accommodates varieties of cases while keeping a contrast that maintains tone of the personal brand.

Photo Credits to Mekbib Tadesse 

Client:Zeritu Kebede

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