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Power Africa

Connecting Power to the Market

Power Africa is one of the events by Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia (CCAE) which aims to create trade relations between global Energy industries and the African market. Thus promoting investments in the energy sector.

The sectors include Solar power, Wind Power, Hydroelectric energy, Biomass Energy (is the term for energy from plants), Hydrogen and fuel cells & Geothermal power. International companies working in the power industry will explore the potential market in Africa and the African community can leverage power generation and usage with the best practices from the top in the industry.
Since there are other initiatives with the same name, the event needed to visually stand out as a separate entity to avoid the confusion.

The Event organizers, Suba 16 Events gave us the task of developing a distinct yet descriptive event branding for the event

The Event Logo

The aim for the logo concept was to build an elegant logo that is recognizable yet expressive of the objective of the event which is to build the power industry in Africa and thus after running a set of concepts, we gravitated towards combining the symbols and the words.

The Concept

The event hosts multiple sectors of power industry giants from all renewable energies. They all share the concept of Power which is Symbolized by the widely known power icon. Furthermore, the initiative behind the event is to leave a mark in the booming industry of power in the continent which was symbolized by a brush stroke font on ‘Africa’. 

Putting it all together becomes

The Chosen Logo

To emphasize the concept of power we added a glow on the word power 

Promotional Design Concept

To promote the event through print and digital media a  graphic concept was developed, the aim was to express the intent of the event with the potential of the continent clearly and in a bold yet hopeful tone of voice. The creative team launched an internal challenge to build a concept that stands out from the crowd of social media posts and other print promotions. The standard was communicating the concept to the point that people don't necessarily need to read the title to understand the idea.

The Print Promotions

Event Branding Materials

To approach potential participants and sponsors there were materials such as Proposal, folders which were designed according to the brand colors and motifs of the brand identity. Though this is the first event it is a start of many more to come. For the participants of the event some giveaways were prepared such as badges, flags and mugs to remind them of this important event.

Client:Suba 16 Events

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