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In and About Addis

Branding a blog

In and about Addis is a personal blog started by a writer to share perspective over the culture, trends and happenings
the blog started as by the idea that a lot of what is written about Addis Ababa is written by foreigner which lacks
the on the ground knowledge of living in the city and that of which remained, can be written in a more appealing way

as a foreigner who lives in Addis, Erik believed that he could provide the best of both worlds to his readers online
so we partnered up to create a visual branding framework suited to his needs

The Project

Designing a logo and social media marketing material for a blog that reviews places,
events, and trends in Addis Abba, Ethiopia from the inside.

The core concepts to be communicated were Addis, tuned in, original, at the scene, ownership, comment

The Social Media Marketing Materials

Since it is a personal blog that gives a commentary about events, places and trends in the city most of the interactions will be over social media and the website it self, so we worked on creating a starter banner pack along side an easy to modify quote template to be posted for audience engagement

The Business Cards

the blog is part of the owners brand which is aimed at giving professional content development services which led to the development of branded business cards

Client:Erik Mutei

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