Brand Identity

Optimum Accountants


From Auditing and Accounting
to providing specialized HR

Optimum Audit and Consulting Service was established
by merging a well experienced Audit and Consulting firms
with eight competent Audit and Business consulting professionals.

We are a registered professional Audit and consultancy
firm offering our services in various dimensions. Our diversified,
competent and professional team is always willing to help our clients.

The Thought Process

The Icon is adopted from the concept of abacus which is arguably the best
method to calculate fast and efficient next to the modern day computer.

The connection between each circles represents the adding up of level.
We managed to show the stability and strength of the company by using a more
stable like structure and modified the letter ā€œiā€ to represent the light like
representation in the industry.

The Colors

We assigned each sector in the company that joined together showing the respect
for both divisions as independent but equal.

Representing both divisions with different yet similar branding style to not collide styles
while print and other brand extensions that the company might use.

Client:Optimum Accountants

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