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Awash Winery S.C. Employer Branding

Branding for Recruitment

Awash Wines is the biggest Winery with a long history in Ethiopia, with a growing number of brands such as Awash, Gouder, Kemila, Axumit and Gebeta has most of the market share
tho the brand is a household name, they wanted to also show their corporate culture and communicate the opportunities to fresh graduate for a career tour which was hosted in
multiple campuses all over Ethiopia.

In a way, the aim was to brand the company behind the brands as a great place to work

The Project

To design a roll up and brochure as part of employer branding for job fair aimed at fresh graduates in order to communicate growth of the brand as well as company culture.

The Process

The company re-branded a short while before project so the design was aimed to implemented the branding elements while giving
emphasis to company values and opportunities to fresh graduates.

Client:Awash Winery S.C

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