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Ministry of Justice

The Brand Power-Up

The Ministry of Justice is a government institution responsible for upholding and maintaining the
justice system in Ethiopia. We aim to ensure that justice is consistent, equitable, and timely for all
We recognize that access to justice is a fundamental right for all, and we are commit ted to making
this a reality for ever y member of our community. Collaboration is key to achieving our goals, and we
work with individuals and organizations who share our vision of a just and equitable society.
Our services include overseeing the country's judicial system, managing court operations, providing legal advice and support to government agencies, and promoting the rule of law. We strive for
transparency, accountability, and integrity in all our work, and our commitment to these values is
reflected in the high-quality services we provide to our clients

The Brand

As the aim of the project was to bring together the Vision of the company with the customers experience in to a mark that is recognizable while communicating the brand message 

We started by asking questions 

What is the company vision?
Being among the exemplary justice institutions in the continent by 2030.
what is the mission and purpose of the company?
The mission is Being among the exemplary justice institutions in the continent by 2030.
The purpose of the company is Upholding the rule of law and serving justice

Elements + Logo Alternatives

Below are the elements such as brand colors, typography logo versions of the new brand, an excerpt from the brand guideline

Stationary and other items

The goal behind the project is to reach more people and thus it included designs of items such as business cards letterheads and a t-shirt for our maintenance staff 

The Website

The project also included a website design that is easy to use while a technological feeling that goes along with the brand you can visit the website by clicking the link at the bottom of the showcase

Client:Ministry of justice

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